UK to JA – A visit from the girls! 👯

Oh how good it feels to return to my beloved blog!

It has been far too long since I’ve updated you all and so much has gone on since my last post which was shamefully back in January!

Where do I start!?

To be honest with all my lovely readers, my workload has hit some massive highs and yes there have been some lows, but most of all I have had the chance to see even more of Jamaica and have made some incredible memories that I want to share with you all!

The countdown to March 9th was rather exciting as two of my lovely London friends Shanique and Christiana were on their way for a fun-filled long weekend in Jamaica. After humming and harring on the best place to stay, from Ochi to Negril we finally settled on staying in Kingston! Having friends visit is super exciting as it gives that touch of home while also to the excitement of showing them around your new home. So finally the day came, after flying into Sangster Airport in Montego Bay my beautiful friends made their way down to Kingston on the good old Knutsford Express!

Arriving at the apartment we had arranged to stay at in Kingston, on Constant Spring Road, shortly before the girls arrived I had some time to think about the ‘must-see’ places I wanted to show them!

At last, they were here, after meeting a lovely couple at the coach station who dropped them at our apartment we were ready for the shenanigans to start!

Knowing the weekend would involve a fair few parties I packed a few dressy items to forget all the assignments and uni stress and to let my braids down (ombre dip die braids – in love with them) and kick-start the weekend. First off it was a pit stop to Island Grill for a Jerk burger to line our stomachs before we hit the party!

Who would have thought the tranquil, well kept, popular with tourists destination, Devon House could throw a mega ‘Fridays’ party. If you are in the area on a Friday be sure to check it out! We then headed a 2-minute drive around the corner to Hope Road where another party was being held. And then our final stop for the night was the famous Taboo strip club! Wow is all I will say to that!

Saturday – 10th March

After a rather eventful first night, and some serious jet-lag the girls were in need of some shut-eye. So opting for a late start we headed back down to Devon House so they could see just how beautiful it looks during the day and of course, sample some world class ice-cream! They also got to try Devon House’s very tasty Patties, and were just as impressed as I always am 🙂

Making a move I then decided to let them experience a ‘route taxi’ where personal space and empty seats do not exist! After the most entertaining driver had the girls crying with laughter our next stop was Emancipation Park. From there we went on downtown to see Heroes circle.

Distracted by the atmosphere of loud music, walking markets, and entertaining vendors we ventured through downtown Kingston market. This is never a dull or predictable experience, and with carnival season fast approaching this was the perfect place for me to purchase some ‘batty riders’ (short, shorts to the average Brit).

With night fast approaching we swiftly made a move and grabbed a bite to eat before heading home.

Saturday night

As the girls were ready for round two, we decided to hit the famous Fiction nightclub a 5-minute drive from where we were staying, somewhere I had been before and love! Calling on the resident DJ on arrival (DJ Enzo, get to know) we were swiftly whisked upstairs to V.I.P.  and then things got a whole lot more exciting. No other than the fastest man alive Usain Bolt arrives after most likely checking in at his Tracks and Records bar just next door. And if things couldn’t get any better we were then invited to join him for drinks in a V.I.P booth right next to the bar! (still pinching myself) Getting to share the dance floor with Usain Bolt is definitely one to tell the grandkids!

Sunday – 11th March

So as time with the girls was slowly running out on Sunday we headed out nice and early so Shanique and Christiana could fulfil their wishes to have a typical Jamaican breakfast of ackee and saltfish with fried dumplings!

After heading back to our apartment to nap as the late nights were definitely catching up with us, we had a fairly chilled evening with a trip to Gloria’s seafood restaurant in Port Royal!

What a wonderful weekend ❤


Peace, Love and Guidance always

J, B



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