Pleased to be Jammin’ in the West Indies… ♪ ♫

Welcome to my blog, if you haven’t already please see my first post on ‘The Jammin Brit’ to find out a bit about me!

So this is where it all began…

The University of the West Indies – Mona, Jamaica – Class of 2018!

My year in Jamaica commenced on August 18th, 2017,  when I left London for sunny Jamaica. Being the youngest child of four (three big brothers) and the only girl, this was a big move for me, my family and friends and most of all my amazing mum.

Luckily the transition was smoothed out as two of my brothers were able to accompany me to settle in which made life a lot easier and allowed them to fall in love with Jamaica all over again!

After contemplating for well over a year about going back to university to pursue a Masters in the area of International Development, in December of 2016 I began completing my application (to UWI). Being of Jamaican heritage, bettering the lives of my people has always been at the forefront of my studies. I completed a BSc in International Politics and Sociology in 2015 at City University as well as an internship at the Jamaican High Commission in London and felt like I just wanted to go that extra mile to get a Masters.

Anyway, let me not bore you with my life story!

Between books and beach days, I want to give you a snippet of what I get up to on this very beautiful island, my next post will give you an idea of a typical family fun Sunday in the tropics. Good food, good music, good company, you do not want to miss it!

So here I am, juggling this blog along with assignments and exams in a bid to become a Master of Science in Development Studies, wish me luck   smile emoticon

Peace, Love and Guidance always

J, B



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